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Being a happy lawyer is just a few clicks away with NEUTRINET

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Case management:

Generate robust reports to manage case progress and expiration dates. Set reminders to stay on top of all important client matters.

Workflow Automation for Immigration

Traditional Law Firms

Empowered with NEUTRINET

Client Satisfactions


Cases load


Case Productivity



Case creation:

Form bundle and document checklist presets for different visa applications. Create and send out invoices via the built-in Lawpay integration. 


Case preparation:

Collect necessary client information for all relevant forms with a smart questionnaire. Compile documents in the cloud and auto-fill DS-160/260 with one-click.


Info collection:

Receive client information and documents via a user-friendly portal. Auto-sync client profile data to all relevant forms to reduce data entries.

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Case submission:

Track shipping and USCIS case statuses automatically. Auto-trigger client email notifications including USCIS status, expiration dates, case file submissions, and etc.

D & T Law Group

 This is an extremely accessible and price friendly software.It is useful for those immigration lawyers who wish to save their valuable time on filing out forms. The best part of this software is it’s ability to manage different clients documents instantly and simultaneously. It can quickly help put together a visa packet within minutes. Lastly, you will never lose track of your clients documents when using this software.

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